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Come learn with us! The Farm School is a 501(3)c tax exempt charitable organization dedicated to community education about all things farm and homesteading. We are currently in process of building a classroom, learning garden, and farmstand at Knutson Family Farm with the hope that this will facilitate community learning for years to come. 



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The Hurried Homesteader

Courses focused on quick and easy homesteading projects. Each class is an hour in length and provides you with the materials to leave with a finished product. 

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Maker's Classes

Courses focusing on more complex homesteading projects. Includes skills learning such as cold process soap making, plant medicine, bread making, sewing, and woodworking.

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Conservation & Regenerative Farming

Courses in partnership with agricultural agencies and experts providing information to the community about improving the health of local farm lands.

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Farm Field Trips

On location learning in partnership with local farms. Course attendees get to learn directly from the farmer.   

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Rent the Classroom

We plan to offer the farm classroom as a meeting space for local groups who teach content within the mission of The Farm School. Scheduling will be on a first come, first serve basis with appreciation of donation.


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